Apple launches an affiliate program for paid podcast subscriptions

Apple Podcast App

By: Sarah Perez

Apple last month unveiled its plans for paid podcast subscriptions in a newly redesigned Apple Podcasts app. Now, it’s introducing a new program that will help podcast creators grow their subscriber base: affiliate marketing. The company’s “Apple Services Performance Partner Program,” which already exists to help market other Apple services like …

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Struum Selects Evergent to Provide Customer Lifecycle Management and Monetization Tools for its Next Generation Streaming Service

By: Yahoo! Finance

Struum, recently launched with backing from former Disney CEO Michael Eisner through his Tornante Company, aims to streamline the video streaming experience by providing viewers with one central destination and a single monthly subscription to access the industry’s most diverse array of programming. The platform’s first-of-its-kind credit-based subscription model allows users …

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YouTube Investing Heavily In CTV, Short-Form Video And ECommerce

Neal Mohan

By: Tony Rifilato

YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan recalled how, over a decade ago during an IAB annual leadership meeting, he predicted that video would lead the growth of the advertising industry.

Back then, 24-hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute. Fast-forward 10 years, and that number has skyrocketed to 500-hours …

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YouTube Avoids Facebook-Level Criticism From Biden

YouTube Mobile

By: Mark Bergen

Hi, it’s Mark Bergen. Erin Elizabeth was kicked off Facebook. Elizabeth, owner of an alternative health blog, is one of the “disinformation dozen” named in a recent high-profile report on social media’s anti-vaccination problem. Soon after that report, she was purged from Facebook and Instagram, losing access to millions of followers…read more.

Contact Aux …

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YouTube Rolls Out Clips to 10x More Channels

Cut Movie

By: Matt Southern

YouTube is rolling out Clips to ten times more creators, a feature which allows users to grab short, shareable snippets from full length videos.

Unlike YouTube Shorts, a feature that the company has been pushing hard lately, Clips is not a new way to create videos. Clips is a new way to …

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YouTube, advertisers to gain but content creators fret over video-streaming giant’s new terms

By: Maryam Faroouqui

YouTube’s decision to monetise any content uploaded by anybody, without sharing revenue from June 1 will boost its finances and help advertisers but the change is not going down well with many in the digital space including content creators.

YouTube can now show an ad banner on any uploaded video on …

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Facebook Begins Testing In-Stream Video Topics

By: David Cohen

Facebook detailed more advertising options Thursday for its in-stream video ads, Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories.

The social network cited a study by Ipsos last November, which found that Instagram and Facebook were the most popular platforms among video viewers for connecting with brands.

Facebook kicked off a global test Thursday of in-stream video topics, which enable …

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Steven Spielberg’s Amblin to make multiple films a year for Netflix

By: Jake Coyle

Steven Spielberg, a filmmaker synonymous with big-screen enchantment, has set a new deal with Netflix in which his production company, Amblin Partners, will make multiple feature films per year for the streaming giant. 

The partnership — one long courted by Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos — is a major get for the …

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Next steps for YouTube TV members on Roku

By: The YouTube Team

Today, we’re introducing a new feature that gives you access to YouTube TV from within the YouTube app, making it easier to enjoy all the content you love. Existing members can easily access YouTube TV by clicking on “Go to YouTube TV” in the main YouTube app. This update will be available …

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For Black History Month, Black artists reimagine the YouTube logo

By: The YouTube Team

At YouTube, we believe that Black stories and voices matter. During Black History Month, we will celebrate Black stories, voices and culture that have contributed to creativity and innovation on YouTube and throughout the world. We’ve got a host of exciting activities planned and are starting off the month by …

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