Online Content Distribution – We Specialize in Monetizing Stolen IP


Our clients are Hollywood Studios, Distributors in the TV, Film and Music industry.  We help them claim their audio, video and audio/visual intellectual property rights from online theft.  We work on YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba (launching in 2019).

Studios / Distributors / IP Holders

• Claim Your IP and make money on YouTube
• We Can Monetize Your Stolen Video(s) and/or Audio Files
• Claim Your Audio, Video or Audio/Visual IP From YouTube
• Block, Takedown, Track or Claim IP by Region
• Increase Your Broadcast Distribution Deals By Knowing Your Analytics Per Title By Region
• Claim Your Stolen Videos on YouTube Without Going Public With Your Content On YouTube
• Video Rental and Purchase now Available on Google Play / YouTube
• Create Cards, End Screens, Feature Videos, Tags, Notes, Auto Playlists, Custom Thumbnails and more.
• Swap Audio Track(s) From Your Video to Remove Content ID Claim Songs From Your Videos.
• Learn Best Practices For Metadata.
• Release Content On Schedule
• All Projects are Tracked Via G Suite (Google Cloud)
• Find Out More About Manual Claims on UGC

We offer content creators opportunities to increase their revenue, help on building a growth strategy, copyright protection, stolen content claiming and manual claiming on videos and audio tracks. As well, we can set up Rental and Purchase. Monetize Your Stolen Content.

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