Aux Mode helps YouTubers / Studios / Distributors & IP Holders monetize content & protect their IP from theft on YouTube



• Brand Your Channel
• Increase Your Channel Subscribers
• Increase Your Video Views And Watch Time
• Create Cards, End Screens, Feature Videos, Tags, Notes, Auto Playlists, Custom Thumbnails and more.
• Swap Audio Track(s) From Your Video to Remove Content ID Claim Songs From Your Videos.
• Link To External URL's Like Your Website.
• Learn Best Practices For Metadata.
• Release Content On Schedule
• Optimize Your Content To Be Found on YouTube Search

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Studios / Distributors / IP Holders

• Claim Your IP and make money on YouTube
• We Can Monetize Your Stolen Video(s) and/or Audio Files
• Claim Your Audio, Video or Audio/Visual IP From YouTube
• Block, Takedown, Track or Claim IP by Region
• Increase Your Broadcast Distribution Deals By Knowing Your Analytics Per Title By Region
• Claim Your Stolen Videos on YouTube Without Going Public With Your Content On YouTube
• All Projects are Tracked Via G Suite (Google Cloud)
• Rental, Streaming and SVOD now Available on YouTube
• Find Out More About Manual Claims on UGC

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Video Content Distribution – With Subscribers Come Views Own Your Subscribers

The Aux Mode Multi Channel Network (MCN) is a network for for companies and people who are building their channels on YouTube and want to learn to grow their channel or claim their IP from other channels who have stolen their audio, visual or audio/visual on YouTube. We offer content creators opportunities to increase their revenue, help on building a growth strategy, copyright protection, stolen content claiming and manual claiming on videos and audio tracks.

We help content creators build & share audience by distributing and marketing their video content throughout the Internet. Content is the CORE and is the reason users stay and subscribe to your content. Below are the basic steps we take to distribute and market your content. The time frame differs between individual clients depending on their content. Through our process, your content will be brought to a point where the monetization process can begin. It is always better to own the subscribers under your own domain name – not under a social network. This is very important. With Aux Mode, the creator has full ownership of their subscribers – and you won’t find this anywhere else.

Youtube Video Ingestion into Content Management System
All content is added into a CMS. All YouTube video content is organized: titles, descriptions, thumbnails, tags, cards and end screens are created or fixed to help people find your videos. Metadata is determined by Google Audited keywords (popular search keywords). Once content is organized, additional video monetization channels can be created. Rental and paid channels are a possibility now on YouTube.

If you have a CMS we can manage the CMS, potential claims, appealed claims, disputed claims and all other CMS and Content ID work.
Sync(auto share your content), Brand, and Format all Social Media Platforms
It is very important that users can Google your content, information, trailers, and free shows prior to subscribing to your content on all other platforms. We only work with YouTube at this time. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – wherever the followers are is where your content needs to be. Social networking sites are an effective way to build your content while expanding your user base and subscriber list. Embed your YouTube videos directly into your social media sites.
Own Your Subscribers
Once this user base has expanded, we can push the audience: followers, fans, or subscribers, back to your website. If a website does not exist, we’ll advise you how to create one at an additional cost. All domain names and entire video content library must be embedded and available on users website. The core reason why anybody subscribes is the content – so it must be of highest quality and residing under one domain name. Own the videos where they reside and create a subscriber base under your own domain name.
Promote Your Videos & Monetize
We help to monetize your video content through new revenue opportunities such as sharing it via email using an email management system(EMS), merchandise, AdSense, and more. Bringing the audience back to your website is key. From there, you can create a central email list of subscribers. This allows you to send out weekly emails to your subscribers that feature your content, contests, free downloads, or all of the above. Personalized and formatted email will carry the branded look and feel of your website. An email will be sent to EMS subscribers weekly on Monday at 11:00AM worldwide. When possible, subscribers will always be converted to your website from the original social network they followed/liked/joined on. Other revenue opportunities include merchandise, AdSense, and more.
Understanding Your Audience
We help you learn about who’s watching your videos, where they’re from, and help reach your demographic. Learning this information can help you tailor your videos for your audience.

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