Aux Mode Services

Aux Mode specializes in DRM, Content ID, YouTube CMS management, distribution, monetizing, & reporting of misused content on YouTube.

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Aux Mode Services

Content Protection

Aux Mode Protects is a full service content protection plan helping rights holders manage their assets on YouTube.

Per asset or per action plans help you pick the service that is right for your catalogue and business needs.

Channel Growth

Channel growth with Aux Mode uses our industry leading knowledge to help maximize your revenue potential on YouTube. Our channel strategy team will use data driven decisions to create a solid foundation for channel growth.

We're here to set you up for long-term success. We prioritize building a durable channel growth strategy. We identify, claim, monetize and re-upload content, and help you distribute to additional platforms.

Revenue Reporting

Aux Mode's Revenue Reporting Software for companies with revenue driving assets on streaming platforms.

Our user friendly software simplifies streaming platform revenue reporting with easy to download options and customized reporting fields.

Aux Mode helps optimize the revenue reporting process for accounting teams from start to finish.

Trusted by creative industry leaders.

Streamline your revenue reporting and create efficiencies with the software used by film and TV industry leaders.