We specialize in monetizing stolen IP on YouTube


Studios / YouTubers

• Brand Your Channel
• Increase Your Channel Subscribers
• Increase Your Video Views And Watch Time
• Create Cards, End Screens, Feature Videos, Tags, Notes, Auto Playlists, Custom Thumbnails and more.
• Swap Audio Track(s) From Your Video to Remove Content ID Claim Songs From Your Videos.
• Link To External URL's Like Your Website.
• Learn Best Practices For Metadata.
• Release Content On Schedule
• Optimize Your Content To Be Found on YouTube Search

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Studios / Distributors / IP Holders

• Claim Your IP and make money on YouTube
• We Can Monetize Your Stolen Video(s) and/or Audio Files
• Claim Your Audio, Video or Audio/Visual IP From YouTube
• Block, Takedown, Track or Claim IP by Region
• Increase Your Broadcast Distribution Deals By Knowing Your Analytics Per Title By Region
• Claim Your Stolen Videos on YouTube Without Going Public With Your Content On YouTube
• All Projects are Tracked Via G Suite (Google Cloud)
• Video Rental and Purchase now Available on Google Play / YouTube
• Find Out More About Manual Claims on UGC

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Own Your Subscribers

The Aux Mode Multi Channel Network (MCN) is a network for distributors, studios, broadcast companies and people who are building or want to protect their channels on YouTube, want to learn to grow their channel, claim their IP from other channels who have stolen their audio, visual or audio/visual on YouTube. We offer content creators opportunities to increase their revenue, help on building a growth strategy, copyright protection, stolen content claiming and manual claiming on videos and audio tracks.  As well, we can set up Rental and Purcahse on YouTube.

Content is the core and your audience is the king and is the reason users stay and subscribe to your content. The time frame differs between individual clients depending on their content to start claiming or protecting your IP on YouTube. Through our process, your content will be brought to a point where the monetization process can begin. It is always better to own the subscribers under your own domain name – not under a social network. This is very important. With Aux Mode, the creator has full ownership of their subscribers – and you won’t find this anywhere else.

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