Aux Mode specializes in distribution, monetizing and reporting user generated content (UGC | stolen content) on YouTube.  Including collecting, reporting, distributing of all royalties and IP protection for content creators worldwide. Our customers are studios, distributors in the TV, Film and Music industry.  Our top priority is online distribution and claiming your audio and video Intellectual Property rights from theft online to protect your brand (TV and theatrical) and prevent others from making money off your content! Our clients benefit from our revenue reporting software focused on insights and accounting.

  • Protecting your content from copyright theft on YouTube.
  • Blocking your content from being viewed on YouTube.
  • Concise reporting on the revenue received on all content.
  • Producer and union fees automatically calculated.
  • YouTube channel management, channel optimization, content delivery and growth strategy.

Revenue Reporting Software

Aux Mode has developed a proprietary revenue reporting software for calculating producer and union fees automatically. For concise reporting by show by season creating significant efficiencies for accounting departments. Request a demo.

YouTube Revenue Calculator

$0.45 USD - $4.00 USD

Note: The accepted formula that Auxiliary Mode Inc. uses to calculate the CPM range is $0.45 USD - $25.00 USD.

The range fluctuates this much because many factors come into play when calculating a CPM. Quality of traffic, source country, niche type of video, price of specific ads, adblock, the actual click rate, watch time and etc.

Cost per thousand (CPM) is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. If a website publisher charges $2.00CPM, that means an advertiser must pay $2.00 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad. The "M" in CPM represents the Roman numeral for 1,000.

$0.00 - $0.00

Estimated daily earnings

$0.00 - $0.00

Estimated monthly earnings

$0.00 - $0.00

Estimated yearly projection

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