What is Aux Mode?
At Aux Mode, we help content owners and creators build brands, share audiences, and distribute and market your content throughout the Internet. YouTube subscribers are owned by YouTube. We help you own your subscribers by building your own network.

How Do I Sign Up
Click here and fill out some basic information and we will get back to you.  FREE Sign Up

What does the name “Aux Mode” mean?
aux·il·ia·ry: providing supplementary or additional help and support. In the technology word, an aux cord connects two devices – temporarily or permanently. Aux Mode provides the creator with additional support while connecting their online content to effectively bring together your channel and content across all online platforms. We serve as a connector between you, your subscribers, and new revenue opportunities.

How do I become a member of Aux Mode?
Aux Mode is always looking for new partners and creators. Visit our Join page to learn why you should join Aux mode and Contact Us for more information.

Does joining Aux Mode affect the content that I create online?
No – your content will always be in your control. At Aux Mode we are here to help you distribute your content, build your audience, and own your subscribers on your own website.  You will always own your content.

Will Aux Mode build me a website for my content if I don’t already have one?
Building a website is time-consuming but important for your end results. At Aux Mode our focus is distributing your content, but depending on the client and situation we can advise you on website development.

After I join Aux Mode, who will control the uploads/updates of my YouTube and social media pages?
The creator always has full control over their content – we will never upload anything onto your YouTube Channel/content domain. However, we suggest you tie your social media platforms directly into YouTube.  As your video’s go live on YouTube they will automatically be added to Twitter and Facebook. All video and media content on these platforms will be taken directly from your original content.

Where can I watch/find Aux Mode content?
Aux Mode’s clients and creators can be seen throughout the online world. You can visit our YouTube page to see what some of our content creators have to offer.

Does Aux Mode produce my online video content?
While we don’t tend to produce video content for our creators, in the past we have produced pre-rolls and channel preview videos for our clients. You can visit our Pre-Roll page to check out content we have produced for past clients.

After joining Aux Mode, how long will it take for me to make money/get paid?
At Aux Mode, our process typically takes up to 1 month for existing YouTubers to receive their first payment for and for Content ID claims it can take up to 3 or more months. However, this can vary depending on the individual creator and their content. We help to create multiple revenue streams for you content through advertising and can help with content repurposing ideas.

How much money will I make if I join Aux Mode’s MCN?
Monetizing your content is the end goal and one of our top priorities. The amount of revenue you bring in will depend on a number of factors and is different with every individual creator.

How do I get a job working for Aux Mode?
Aux Mode is always looking for new members to bring onto our team. Learn more about job opportunities and qualities we value in our team members on our Team page.

If you’ve received a notice from YouTube stating Aux Mode owns the content in your video, this FAQ is for you. It will explain what the notice is and why you have received it. Here are the most common questions:

YouTube Content ID

1. What is a YouTube Content ID Notice?
This is a notice you receive when a video you’ve uploaded contains content, either video or music, that YouTube identifies is owned by someone else.

2. Why does this happen?
Content ID is a technology that exists for three reasons: a) it allows content providers to identify when videos incorporate their content, b) it allows YouTube to generate revenue by placing advertising next to content that has been included in the Content ID program and identified in uploaded videos (this is shared with Content ID partners) and c) this revenue stream allows YouTube to offer its amazing free video sharing service to hundreds of millions of users like you.

3. What happens to my video/account now?
Nothing. Your account is not in jeopardy and your video will not be taken down. YouTube will monetize any video that includes claimed content.

4. What if I dispute the claim?
Your video will not be taken down because of a claim in relation to Aux mode content. If you believe one of the following facts to be true, you should dispute the claim and it will be reviewed within 48 hours: a) the YouTube Content ID system has misidentified the music in your video as a song you did not include in the flaged video or b) you own the identified music content that has been claimed outright and have not designated a third party to claim and monetize the content in the YouTube Content ID system.