YouTube and Facebook Content Management

Upload/Publishing and Optimization of content to YouTube and Facebook, overseeing general day to day operations. We will work together with customers, marketing and manager teams.

Plans and Pricing

Channel Management
Content Management

Content Management Provides

  • Audience development strategy.

  • Content strategy for long term growth.

  • Channel/Page design & optimization best practices.

  • Playlists strategy & implementation.

  • Thumbnail design and header redesign.

  • Video poster art, title and description optimization.

  • Video tags, keywords and meta optimized per asset.

  • Video uploaded directly to the platform monthly.

  • Content scheduled for release on a future date monthly.

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Channel Management

YouTube Channel and Facebook Page managers will set up and maintain existing video strategies to increase viewership and monetization. We meet monthly and work with the analytics team on data driven audience strategies to optimize titles, tags, descriptions, cards, playlists, thumbnails and other content/features across the channels and pages.

We ensure the content has maximum exposure on each platform for audience growth, with the content being correctly monetized in support of the company’s overall social media strategy playbook.

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Channel Management