New Nielsen Measurement Shows Streaming Usage Outrunning Broadcast TV In May

Streaming Platforms

By: Jill Goldsmith and Dade Hayes

A new monthly Nielsen measurement called The Gauge shows just how much the pandemic has catalyzed streaming among a broad ranger of consumers with May usage across all television homes climbing to 26% of time spent on TV — outpacing broadcast, with an audience share of 25%.

The streaming video data included SVOD and AVOD. …

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YouTube is banning alcohol, gambling, and politics from its ‘most prominent’ ad slot


By: Mitchell Clark

YouTube will no longer be accepting ads relating to alcohol, gambling, politics, or “prescription drug terms” for its masthead ad slot, which appears at the top of the website and app, Axios first reported. Google told The Verge the limitations on what kind of ads can appear in this slot will help “lead to a better …

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Facebook AI cuts by more than half the error rate of unsupervised speech recognition

By: Tiernan Ray

Speech recognition, meaning, programs that are able to detect spoken phonemes, is a fairly well established discipline in computer science that has been greatly advanced in the past twenty years by artificial intelligence. 

The field has depended heavily on libraries of samples of speakers with each phoneme explicitly indicated, or “labeled.” …

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How do I grow myYouTube channel?

The key is to make videos that capture people’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

How do I make money on my YouTube Channel? It’s all about your audience reach, watch time and views.

How does the YouTube algorithm work? It’s designed to find videos that match viewers’ individual interests.

How …

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Will Apple Be the Next Tech Giant to Buy a Studio?

Apple Tim Cook

By: Georg Szalai

Amid a wave of M&A fever, will Amazon’s $8.45 billion takeover of MGM prompt its Silicon Valley rival Apple to refresh its shopping list to include a Hollywood studio?

The iPhone maker already has a giant footprint in entertainment through its services division — which includes Apple TV+, Apple Music, the App Store, iCloud and more. …

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YouTube launches new destination for sports fans and expands its YouTube Select CTV offering

Smart TV

By: Erin Teague and Tim Katz

YouTube is the place where fans can find a wide range of sports content from clips and highlights to live games. Today, we’re introducing a refreshed destination to watch sports on YouTube, and new ways for advertisers to reach today’s digital-first sports fans.

The way we watch video …

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YouTube Select is Google’s new program for running ads on top videos

By: Abner Li

Google Preferred lets advertisers pay to have their ads appear in front of YouTube’s top videos and channels. The program is now being updated and replaced with “YouTube Select.”

Google calls YouTube Select a “reimagination and unification of solutions like Google Preferred and prime packs.” Advertisers can choose from different “lineups” that are “tailored to …

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Tubi to Expand Spanish and Bollywood Content, While U.K. Launch Up Next


By: Naman Ramachandran

Ad-supported streaming service Tubi is set to expand its Spanish language content when it launches in the fall, chief content officer Adam Lewinson revealed while delivering a keynote at the Cannes Virtual Market on Wednesday.

The service is also gearing for an imminent U.K. launch and is looking at significantly increasing its Bollywood content portfolio …

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Sports fans globally turning to streaming

By: Stuart Thompson

According to the report, online paid streaming services for sports have now surpassed broadcast, with over three in five sports viewers paying for a streaming service compared with under half who view through pay broadcast TV services.

The number of sports viewers globally who don’t pay for any type of service …

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YouTube Launches Audio Ads and Ad-Targetable Music Lineups, Taking Aim at Spotify

Youtube Music

By: Todd Spangler

YouTube claims to be the world’s biggest jukebox — and now it wants to wring more ad dollars from the platform’s music fans.

The video giant is launching 15-second audio ads, the first format designed to reach YouTube users who listen to music or podcasts ambiently (i.e., in the background). YouTube also …

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