Digital Rights Management Content Protection

Automated content protection system that enables copyright owners to identify videos that include content they own.

Plans and Pricing

Content Protection

Content Protection Provides

  • Protecting your IP from misuse.

  • Usage and match policy strategies.

  • Monetization or blocking of content.

  • Potential claims and strike management.

  • Video asset management & conflict resolution.

  • Monetization or blocking of content by region or worldwide.

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Content Protection!

Our team manages YouTube Content ID to ensure that all misuse is claimed, and to identify and manage copyrighted disputes and report back to you.

Every video and audio track has a digital fingerprint. Videos uploaded to YouTube are compared against existing audio and video files, and when a match is found, we can remove that content.

Or, if you owned the “Happy Birthday” song, we could monetize all the third party misuse. Wouldn’t that be great?! You could retire today.

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Aux Mode YouTube theft Protection