YouTube CMS & Content ID Management

Our team will manage the CMS (Content Management System) and Content ID for your company. Using YouTube best practices resolving any issues and implementing new Content ID strategies to increase channel reach and revenue.

Plans and Pricing

YouTube Content ID Consultant
YouTube CMS Consultant

YouTube CMS & Content ID Management Provides

  • CMS Management

    Metadata compliance, YouTube best practices resolving outstanding issues.

  • Content ID

    Verify existing usage and match policies.

  • Content Rights

    Manage your content by regions by videos.

  • Content Policies

    New strategies. Learn to block all theft and monetize your channel videos.

  • Video Monetization

    Maximise Ads & Ad types on all videos for all regions.

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YouTube CMS & Content ID Management

Content owners use YouTube’s Content Management System (CMS) to provide the metadata of different content types, including videos, sound recordings, and compositions.

Our team manages YouTube Content ID to ensure that all misuse is claimed, and to identify and manage copyrighted disputes and report back to you.

The videos uploaded to channels tied to the CMS are compared against audio and video files registered with Content ID by content owners, looking for any matches. Content owners have the choice to have matching content blocked or to monetize it. Aux Mode will help with the process step by step to implement the correct policy for each video.

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YouTube CMS Consultant