Video Asset Delivery

Delivery of videos to each platform with optimized metadata specific to each platform’s requirements and best practices, technical asset review to ensure the video files delivered to the streaming platforms meet their specifications and quality requirements.

Plans and Pricing

Video Asset Delivery Provides

  • Video, poster art, title and description reviewed.

  • Video uploaded directly to the platform.

  • Video poster art, title and description added to the video asset on upload.

  • Video tags, keywords and meta optimized per asset.

  • Video added to existing playlist or category.

  • Content scheduled for release on a future date.

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Video Asset Delivery

Asset delivery can be done directly to the platform by the customer or Aux Mode can provide platform delivery.  If the channel is a part of a YouTube CMS, then asset delivery can also be done in bulk, as we are not limited to uploading 15 at a time from the channel level.

Each platform has its own requirements and If you haven’t added your content to YouTube, Amazon Video Prime, Facebook and other streaming platforms we can help.

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