Territorial Rights Verification

Verify your video rights by territory and enforce your ownership on 3rd party claims.

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Territorial Rights Verification Provides

  • Audit Content ID policies.

  • Automatically identify policies that are overlapping.

  • Learn what action to take with a claimed video.

  • Set default policies and a standardised naming structure.

  • Video claims tracking month to month.

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Territorial Rights Verification

Analyse your Content ID Policies to ensure that they are logical and contain no overlapping conflicting rules, e.g. Track Canada, Block Canada. Content ID does not check to Policy logic, and therefore you could have Policies set up where there is conflicting logic which will reduce any Monetization rules and create potential compliance issues with licensing agreements if videos are not correctly geo-fenced.

Our permission based system enables or disables each feature available to each user.  Building on the concept of data classification we have built policies that check, at query time, whether a user has proper access.

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