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All-in-one revenue reporting software

Helping studios, distributors, producers, and brands manage their revenue reporting, revenue splitting, and channel insights, all in one platform.

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What takes you days, takes us minutes.
Reconcile video asset revenue for accounting.

Immediate revenue reporting for any library size or CMS management platform.


Reports designed for your desired tracking metric - by title, show, or season.

Amalgamate published third party revenue reports with one streamlined financial spreadsheet.

Revenue Distribution

Producer and union fees automatically calculated.

Multi-platform revenue reporting featuring Premium, UGC, Match and Transactional revenue distribution.

Whether you’re an accountant, rights holder, legal team, or acquisition team, Aux Mode has the solution for you.

For accountants

Powerful, industry leading software created to ease the gruelling monthly revenue reporting process. No more Excel.

For rights holders

We identify how your content is being used beyond a financial standpoint - determining which content is stolen the most will help reveal which content is the most popular.

For legal teams

Our software automates the reporting process to ensure producers and union fees are calculated and paid accordingly, without the risk of human error.

For acquisitions teams

We turn data into actionable insights. Understand the value of acquiring digital rights through the data generated in our financial report breakdown.

Aux Mode helps optimize the revenue reporting process for accounting teams from start to finish.

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