A Guide To Monetization on YouTube

A Guide To Monetization on YouTube By: Ryan Prussky


YouTube has hundreds of new people joining the online platform all with one question, how should you monetize your videos? New creators find themselves feeling discouraged when they first start posting and realize they aren’t receiving any revenue. Although it is possible to make a …

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How to Be A Successful Brand on YouTube

How to be a Successful Brand on YouTube By: Ryan Prussky


For the past ten years, YouTube has been the premier host for visual content and now ultimately is one of the most valuable marketing tools on the internet. Successful brands have been utilizing the many number of marketing techniques YouTube has available. The …

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The Rise of Social Media


The Rise Of Social Media By Michael Johnston

In the past decade we have seen a rise in the success of a number of social media platforms, which not only allow us to connect with people we never thought imaginable, but give businesses the opportunity to engage with their clients like never before.

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Twitter and Facebook and the 21st Century

Twitter And Facebook and the 21st Century by Michael Johnston


The 21st Century is a fast paced, information packed super highway that is undoubtedly only going to become bigger. Creations such as Twitter and Facebook have allowed the world to connect in ways not imaginable back in 2004, when Facebook was unveiled. Even at that time, …

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Merchandising Through YouTube

Merchandising Through YouTube By: Ryan Prussky


YouTube has given more opportunities for content creators to make money but it is still not the type of platform that will make you rich overnight. In fact, the real money comes from partnering with brands and merchandising. I will be discussing the latter. The first thing you …

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How to Use YouTube

How to Use YouTube By: Ryan Prussky


Everyone wants to make money, and who doesn’t want to make money while sitting at home. While becoming an active user on YouTube can lead to that success and income. YouTube gets more than one billion users a month, which is a huge possible revenue stream. Start …

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Ads on YouTube

Ads on YouTube By: Ryan Prussky


So you’ve just created your first YouTube channel and are wondering how to manage your channel and content to attract ad dollars. While, the key to monetization with ads is to have an engaged audience. This is important because advertisers want to work with channels that have high …

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The Age Of Consumers

The Age Of Consumers

by Adam Rumanek


We are in the age of consumers and this will most likely intensify in the next few years. Consumers have a say, demand a response, can possibly make or break a brand and have the ability to compare services and products in one search.

In …

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Will Netflix stick around for an encore?

The applause for Netflix’s recent success is still ringing in everyone’s ears. Yet beneath the din, there is whispering about whether this star of streaming can sustain its story of success. I think not. And the reason is fundamentally simple: companies do not understand how expensive it is to run a video platform. Netflix created …

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Jessie Behan of Auxmode presents at TechToronto.org

In this presentation, Jessie shares her best tips on scalability and building a strong foundation within a company. Click the video image below to view the presentation. And be sure to like the video.