Struum launches its ‘ClassPass for streaming’ service to the public

By: Sarah Perez

Struum, the new streaming service from former Disney and Discovery execs, is today officially launching to the public. Unlike traditional on-demand streamers, such as Netflix, the Struum model is more akin to a “ClassPass for streaming,” as its plan is to aggregate content from smaller video services then provide access under …

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Investing to empower the YouTube experience for the next generation of video

By: Neal Mohan

Ever wonder what went into the development of YouTube’s mobile tool for shooting short videos? Or what it takes to support millions of people watching a concert live in HDR? That’s what I hope to do with this new blog series—explore how we transform innovative ideas into cutting-edge reality for viewers …

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YouTube Previews Upcoming Improvements for YouTube Studio, Including Auto-Generated Title Suggestions

By: Andrew Hutchinson

YouTube has shared some insight into coming updates for its Creator Studio management platform, including improved processes for uploading videos via the mobile app, and an expansion of its pre-publish checking capacity to help creators avoid potential penalties. 

First off, YouTube is looking to improve its upload default settings, which will see defaults added to the …

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Amazon debuts free video-streaming service MiniTV in its India app

By: Kim Lyons

Amazon has launched an ad-supported, free video streaming service called MiniTV within the Amazon India app, TechCrunch reports. It’s a different offering than its separate Amazon Prime Video service, as MiniTV is contained within Amazon’s traditional shopping app, rather than its own standalone app.

Only available to users in India, MiniTV’s …

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Vice Media expands into AVOD with Roku

By: Stuart Thompson

Vice Media Group has launched its first FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) channel on the Roku platform. 

The channel, which premieres today on The Roku Channel, the home of free and premium TV on the Roku platform, will feature premium series and documentaries covering culture, entertainment, food, tech, sports and news …

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YouTube’s Ads Generate Almost Similar Revenue as Netflix

By: Barney Cotton

Data presented by Finbold indicates that YouTube’s advertising revenue for Q1 2021 stands at $6.01bn, representing a percentage difference of 17.4% to Netflix’s $7.16bn.

YouTube’s ad revenues for Q4 2020 stood at $6.88bn, slightly surpassing Netflix’s $6.64bn revenue for the quarter. The revenue was YouTube’s highest.

Between Q1 2019 and Q1 …

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Facebook Adds New Monetization Options for Creators, Including Ads in Short Video Clips

By: Andrew Hutchinson

Facebook has announced a range of new monetization options for creators, with a focus on short video clips – which could put more pressure on TikTok, which is still working on its own revenue-share programs.

First off, on short-form video – Facebook has announced that creators will now be able to earn money from videos …

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Facebook Launches Live-Stream Shopping Events, the Next Stage in its Evolving eCommerce Push

By: Andrew Hutchinson

Facebook is taking the next step in its evolving eCommerce push with the introduction of a new “Live Shopping Fridays” series, which will see the platform host live-streamed shopping experiences, in conjunction with selected retailers, that will invite viewers to ask questions about products, and make purchases, all in-stream.

Among the brands …

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YouTube Will Monetize Videos for Non-Partners and Keep All Revenue

By: JJ Broson

Back in November of last year, YouTube added a unique addition to its US terms of service. The update installed a directive stating that, from now on, all videos that meet YouTube’s Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines would display ads, even videos outside of the YouTube Partner Program. However, creators outside of the Program won’t …

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New broadcasting bill could regulate all your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube posts, experts say

By: Rachel Gilmore

Recent government changes to the bill meant to modernize the Canadian broadcasting act could expand regulation to everything individual Canadians put on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

The bill, in its current state, would turn the YouTube video of a kid’s soccer game, or the Instagram reel you posted of your brunch, into a …

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