YouTube Will Monetize Videos for Non-Partners and Keep All Revenue

By: JJ Broson

Back in November of last year, YouTube added a unique addition to its US terms of service. The update installed a directive stating that, from now on, all videos that meet YouTube’s Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines would display ads, even videos outside of the YouTube Partner Program. However, creators outside of the Program won’t receive any of the profits generated, which, as one can probably imagine, caused quite a bit of controversy among the YouTube community.

Now, half a year later, YouTube has announced that it’s expanding its directive. Starting on June 1, all videos outside of the US that meet YouTube’s Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines will also display ads, and, of course, any content creators outside of YouTube’s Partner Program will not receive any of the revenue. YouTube will keep that, but will still allow any YouTuber to join its Partner Program if they meet the requirements to do so, which this change ironically makes harder…read more.

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