Tweet translation

With Tweet translation you can choose when you want to see a translation for a Tweet so you won’t miss any of the action unfolding on Twitter.

To view a Tweet translation:

  1. When you see a Tweet in a different language, look for the globe icon  located in the Tweet.
  2. If you see it, click or tap the Tweet to expand it.
  3. A translation of the text in the Tweet will appear below the original Tweet.
Note: Tweet translation is available on, Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android and TweetDeck.

To suggest your own Tweet translation:

  1. If you’d like to suggest your own Tweet translation, click “Wrong translation?” in the upper right corner of a translated Tweet.
  2. Select the language that you are translating from.
  3. Enter your suggested translation in the text box and click Submit. 
Note: You are only able to suggest translations on the web (

FAQs about Tweet translation:

Who is translating the Tweets?

We’ve partnered with Bing Translator to provide machine translations of Tweets between more than 40 language pairs.

Some of the translations seem to be of low quality. Why?

Although Bing Translator relies on advanced translation software to provide Tweet translations, the results still vary and often fall below the accuracy and fluency of translations provided by a professional translator. For this reason, the original text is always displayed above its translation.

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