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TweetDeck troubleshooting

Having trouble signing in to your TweetDeck account?

If you are a longtime TweetDeck user, make sure you are signing in using the email address and password associated with your TweetDeck account (this might be different than the email address and password used for your Twitter account). Use your original TweetDeck account credentials unless you …

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Improving the way you log in to TweetDeck

About switching to Twitter log-in

If you’ve been using TweetDeck since before December 11, 2013, you log in with an email address and password which may be different to the credentials you use to log in to your Twitter account.

Changing it so you log in using your Twitter username and password grants you access to the …

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Using team accounts on TweetDeck

The team account feature on TweetDeck allows multiple people to use a single account without having to share the password.

Team members log in to TweetDeck with their own Twitter account and can use the team account by visiting theirAccounts tab. Team members can enable login verification on their own accounts, which will keep their …

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TweetDeck pro tips

TweetDeck allows users to personalize their Twitter experience by customizing multiple columns, which is ideal for highly active users who need to consume or analyze lots of information.

Create a collection

With collections, you can organize Tweets according to topics, events, interests, conversations, and more, all in real-time. Add your collections as columns, and Tweet …

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TweetDeck columns

Using TweetDeck columns

Instead of a single timeline, TweetDeck allows you to create columns to display specific content that interests you. You can create a column that shows all your mentions, the results of a search query, a list of favorites, the latest Tweets from a hashtag or trend, etc.

To add a column:

  • Click …

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  • TweetDeck FAQs

    Why does it look like I have the same version of TweetDeck even though I downloaded and installed a new version?

    While some updates are subtle and won’t necessarily change the look of your TweetDeck experience, some users have found it helpful to start by uninstalling the previous version of TweetDeck. This will ensure you …

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    Getting started with TweetDeck

    TweetDeck gives the Twitter experience more flexibility by letting you view multiple timelines in one easy interface. It includes a host of features to help advanced users get the most of Twitter: manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets for posting in the future, build Tweet collections and more. Simply sign in with your personal Twitter …

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