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Using on a feature phone

How do I access if I don’t have a smartphone?

Twitter’s mobile website will look different if you are using a feature phone. We’ve detailed the differences below. If you’re accessing with a smartphone, please see this tutorial.

Home timeline and navigation

When you log in to your account on, you will …

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Using on a smartphone or tablet

Twitter’s mobile website,, allows you to have a consistent, high-quality experience using Twitter on any device.

Note: looks different on smartphones and tablets (iPad and Android 4.0+) than on feature phones. This article details the experience of using on smartphones and tablets only.

Accessing on a smartphone or tablet

Twitter’s supported mobile carriers

Twitter’s supported mobile carriers

Twitter SMS commands

You can perform certain actions, like following a user or marking a friend’s update as a favorite, by using the designated Twitter commands below.

When using these commands, do not append an @ symbol along with the command text. If you send these commands with an @ symbol, your commands will be read as a username …

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Tweeting a photo via MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Often called picture messaging, allows you to send messages that include media, like audio or photos, from your phone. To tweet a picture via MMS:

  • Make sure your mobile phone number is linked to your Twitter account. You can do this via SMS or from the web.
  • Compose a message containing the text …

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  • Twitter via SMS FAQs

    How do I use Twitter on my phone?

    If you already have a Twitter account, you can access it from your phone using SMS or Twitter’s mobile website, You can also create a new Twitter account via SMS by sending the word START to your Twitter shortcode.

    Does it cost money? Will fees be …

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    Will I be charged for tweeting via SMS?

    Twitter will not charge you for text messages, or to use However, you may see usage charges from your service provider depending on the type of data/rate plan you are currently on.

    How you may be charged for using Twitter on mobile:

    Your carrier will charge you for text messages from Twitter in the same …

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    Using an SMS PIN – Twitter

    Setting up an SMS PIN

    If you’re concerned about someone spoofing your account you can choose to prefix your mobile updates and commands with a short PIN (short for “personal identification number”). For security reasons, only you should know your PIN.

    To set up your PIN:

  • First, make sure your mobile device is attached to …

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  • SMS follow – Twitter

    Want to get updates from @Twitter but don’t want to create a Twitter account? No problem! Use SMS follow to receive Twitter updates without having to sign up or add your phone to a Twitter account.

    Note: Message and data rates may apply. To get started:

    SMS follow allows you to get great content, directly from people you …

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