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Trouble Connecting to Tumblr

I can’t share posts to Tumblr

If you run into issues sharing Instagram posts to Tumblr, try sharing the photo again by tapping (iPhone and Windows Phone) or(Android) beneath your photo and selecting Tumblr.

If this doesn’t work, try unlinking and relinking your Instagram and Tumblr accounts:

  • Get to your profile by tapping …

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  • Trouble Connecting to Twitter

    I’m having trouble linking my account to Twitter on iOS 8

    If you’ve recently updated to iOS 8 and are having trouble linking your Instagram account to Twitter, try disconnecting and reconnecting your accounts:

  • Open the Settings on your phone and then tap Twitter
  • Tap your Twitter handle > Delete Account
  • Open the Instagram …

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  • Trouble Connecting to Facebook

    I can’t share posts to Facebook

    Some Android phones, like the HTC EVO 4G and the HC Panache, have known connection problems with Facebook. Keep in mind that the Facebook login process through Instagram is controlled entirely by Facebook.

    If you’re having trouble logging into Facebook in order to share your Instagram posts, …

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