Trouble Connecting to Twitter

I’m having trouble linking my account to Twitter on iOS 8

If you’ve recently updated to iOS 8 and are having trouble linking your Instagram account to Twitter, try disconnecting and reconnecting your accounts:

  1. Open the Settings on your phone and then tap Twitter
  2. Tap your Twitter handle > Delete Account
  3. Open the Instagram app
  4. Go to your profile and then tap> Share Settings > Twitter
  5. Enter your Twitter username and password and then tap Done

Note: People connected to multiple Twitter accounts will need to remove all of them from their phone settings before reconnecting their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The wrong username is appearing on Twitter

If the wrong username is appearing on Twitter when someone mentions you on Instagram, the wrong Twitter account is linked to your Instagram account. To fix this, unlink Instagram from Twitter, and then make sure the correct Twitter account is linked with your phone. Then link your Twitter and Instagram accounts again.

Photos don’t appear in Recent Images on Twitter

Some people aren’t seeing their Instagram photos in the Recent Images section on We believe this is a bug on Twitter’s end and suggest you get in touch with their support team for any updates.

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