BTS Could Have Made Up To $80,000 An Hour Last Week On YouTube

By: Hugh McIntyre

BTS always perform well on YouTube, whether they have something new to share or not. Fans of the South Korean septet are constantly watching (and rewatching and rewatching again) their favorite videos from the band, tuning in to live performances, catching old clips from TV shows and concerts and indulging in the endless trove of other forms of content the K-pop powerhouses share with their fans. 

Last week, BTS’s views on YouTube exploded, and their library of videos racked up an incredible 549 million views, or more than half a billion plays. Most of that attention was thanks to the release of their new single “Butter,” which opened as the most-watched visual in the world, debuting at No. 1 on the company’s chart with 235 million clicks. 

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