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YouTube_Viewability3x2It is key to drive traffic from one platform to another platform to continue to make money on YouTube.  This process can be tricky but you need multiple sites to generate maximum advertising revenue and as mentioned in previous blogs, it takes time. Sure, you need to start somewhere to build your reputation, but most social media experts would agree that you will improve your efforts by getting new prospects onto multiple social sites. Creating content is your first step however you then need to use several analytics packages to evaluate the success of your business efforts. First, get familiar with YouTube Analytics. You can access your analytics from your video manager option in your user account. The analytics option will help you keep track of your performance in several ways. It will give you your earnings and ad performance report, these reports break down your estimated earnings from your monetization efforts. This analytics package also gives you detailed information about your views and demographics of viewers, including locations by country, gender and age group. Finally, you are able to determine the average view duration and whether or not your call-to-action efforts are performing the way you want them to be performing. Second, you want to get familiar and use the Google Analytics package. This package gives you crucial information about traffic coming to your site from each of your social network platforms. Are you interested in how much money you are making from customers who come to your site from YouTube? Are you interested in how long viewers stay on your page or site? Of course, and Google Analytics can give you these results.  These two Analytics packages combined can give you insights into how to optimize your efforts and make more money from YouTube.


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Note: The accepted formula that Auxiliary Mode Inc. uses to calculate the CPM range is $0.45 USD - $25.00 USD.

The range fluctuates this much because many factors come into play when calculating a CPM. Quality of traffic, source country, niche type of video, price of specific ads, adblock, the actual click rate, watch time and etc.

Cost per thousand (CPM) is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. If a website publisher charges $2.00CPM, that means an advertiser must pay $2.00 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad. The "M" in CPM represents the Roman numeral for 1,000.

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