YouTube: An Expression of Your Brand: Part 3 of 3

imgres-1This article is Part 3 of 3: YouTube: An Expression of Your Brand and Making Money with YouTube. In Part 1&2 we discussed the fact that YouTube videos represent your brand and a well thought out, planned and consistent presence on YouTube can help your brand and your business make money. So far, you have taken our advice, thought about who you are as a business and brand and where you want to be, planned out your goal to make great branded videos and scheduled dates for releasing and uploading your videos over the next year, more frequently than your competition. Remember: Consistency is Key! Next, you will need an optimization strategy to maximize your viewers on YouTube. In other words, you need to research popular, trending and emerging keywords and thumbnails (intriguing images). Using keywords in titles, tags and descriptions of your videos and ‘popping’ images will increase your audience and peek interests in new and exciting ways. Top performing keywords are always shifting, changing and sometimes disappearing altogether so it is important to learn how to use an Analytics program such as Google Analytics (analysis of patterns to understand consumer behaviour, customer value and business performance) and/or make sure you have an employee or team to commit to learning and using such a program. The value of multiple perspectives, ideas and researchers should not be underestimated in the process.  There you have it! What you need to get started and start making money on YouTube. Remember: YouTube is a valuable Social Network! You can find Part 1&2 of this informative blog series on our list of recent blogs posted. Good Luck!


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