YouTube: An expression of Your Brand: Part 2 of 3

imgres-2This is Part 2 of 3 of YouTube: An expression of Your Brand…In Part 1 we discussed the importance of having a plan and doing some research before you get started and start posting your video content on YouTube. As you know, we now have the opportunity to choose what we want to watch in terms of not only programs but also ads. There is a growing desire for choice and a 2-way communication and your next step in this process is to determine, as a brand, what you have to offer and when you are going to offer it to the audience. This means planning your annual calendar and scheduling great branded videos throughout the year. YouTube Playbook gives you suggestions and options but here we will simplify your plan to post your regular video content once a week such as informative, educational and/or entertainment. Next, post exciting changes, promotional deals and/or contests every 2 months to keep things growing, changing and interesting for regular viewers and to attract new viewers to YouTube or to your brand/company. Finally, post your BEST video content 3 times per year, this could mean hiring a community celebrity or a popular face to vlog or ‘special guest’ for your company. These videos are based on your annual research of what viewers like and respond to most and then you give your viewers what they want, perhaps this means interactive content or simply more entertainment. So, let’s break it down in terms of ice cream: you will need to commit to 50 great branded (single scoop) videos for the year, 6 videos (double scoop) for variety and to spark interest and 3 videos (banana split sundaes with all the toppings) to stay ahead of the game, remain competitive, be consistent and most of all shareable!! Stay tuned for Part 3 of 3: YouTube: An expression of Your Brand, in the next few days, to continue to plan what you have to do next to target your desired audience, respond to feedback and plan an optimization strategy to continue to make money with YouTube.


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