Purchasing issues and refunds

Hide a purchase from your search results

Movies, TV shows, pay-per-view events, and paid channels that you’ve purchased may appear when you search for videos on YouTube. When they do, they’ll be labeled with a ‘Purchased’ badge to help you find them. If you’d like to remove this badge, contact support to request a refund.

Troubleshooting payments

YouTube uses Google Wallet for all purchases. To purchase a video on YouTube you’ll need a Google Wallet account with a valid form of payment on file. Learn how to create a Google Wallet account.

When you buy, rent, or subscribe to something on YouTube, the charge will appear on your credit card statement asGOOGLE *YOUTUBE. View the Transactions page in your Google Wallet account for more details about purchases made through Google Wallet. You can also see a list of the items you’ve bought from YouTube by visiting your Purchases page.

If your payment is declined you may need to change your Wallet account settings, or update your payment information.Learn how to fix a problem with a Google Wallet payment.

Visit the Google Wallet Help Center to learn how to add, update, or delete a card from your account.

Cancel or update a subscription payment

When you have an active paid subscription, you’ll be automatically charged the price of the subscription at the start of each new billing cycle until you cancel.

Cancel a payment

You can cancel at any time by clicking the channel’s Unsubscribe btn, or by following these steps:

  1. Visit your Purchases page
  2. Find the subscription under Active subscriptions
  3. Click the Cancel subscription link next to that subscription
  4. Confirm that you’d like to cancel by clicking Unsubscribe

Once you cancel a subscription you will not be charged again unless you re-subscribe. You’ll still be able to watch all the videos included in the channel until the end of the current subscription period.

You can re-subscribe to the same channel at any time if you like, but you won’t receive a second free trial. If you re-subscribe while you still have access to the channel, you’ll be charged again when the current subscription period ends.

Update a subscription payment

You can change the card used for a subscription payment from the My Subscriptions section of your Google Wallet account. Find the subscription you’d like to update and choose the new card from the Pay with menu. Note, you may need to add the new card to your Wallet account first.

Check the status of your paid channel subscriptions anytime by visiting



Refund policy

Paid content

Customers have the ability to return or cancel their purchase anytime within 7 days of purchase if they have not begun playback. If you ordered content that is defective, unavailable or does not perform as stated, you may request a refund at any time by contacting our support team using the btn below.

When a refund is granted, we’ll revoke access to the paid content and your money will be returned.

You may cancel a subscription payment at any time. We do not provide refunds or credits for partially elapsed billing periods.

Fan Funding

Fan Funding voluntary payments are non-refundable. If you’re having trouble with a payment, you may contact our support team.

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