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Subscribe to a paid channel to watch all the videos in that channel for a single monthly or annual fee. Paid channels represent just one way for video creators to make their content available on YouTube. YouTube won’t start charging for all of the videos you can currently enjoy at no cost.

For help setting up your own paid channel, visit the partner Help Center.

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Free trial

Most paid channels include a free trial for first time subscribers. The length of the free trial is shown above the Start free trial btn. In addition to a free trial, paid channels often include some free preview videos, so you can test drive a channel before you pay.

Cancel any time during the free trial and you won’t be charged, but you can continue watching all the videos in the channel until the end of the trial period.

Channel may include ads

Watch videos without ads

Some paid channels will show ads on their videos, and some won’t. In some cases you’ll be able to pay to watch videos from a free channel without ads. See whether a channel will show ads by checking the subscription details above the Start free trial btn. A channel will always clearly display whether it will show ads, so you know what you’re signing up for.

Channel included in a package

Get updates from you favorite channels

Some subscriptions include access to multiple channels for a single monthly or annual price. If your subscription includes multiple channels, you can choose which of the included channels you’d like to add to your Guide once you’ve completed the purchase.

If a channel is available individually or as part of a larger subscription, you’ll see all purchase options on the channel page, so you can purchase whichever subscription you like best.

Don’t worry: if you subscribe to a channel that includes access to another channel that you’re already paying for, we’ll automatically cancel the individual channel subscription at the end of the billing period. That way you won’t be charged twice.

Subscribing to paid channels

Subscribe to a paid Channel

Subscribing to a paid channel takes a few simple steps:

  1. Find the channel you’d like to subscribe to. You can see a list of all available paid channels by clicking Browse channelsin the Guide, then selecting Paid channels from the list of topics that appears.
  2. To subscribe to a paid channel, click the Start free trial orSubscribe btn.
  3. Once you’ve clicked Start free trial or Subscribe, follow the steps in the window that appears to finish the purchase process.
  4. Once your purchase is complete, the channel will be added to your Guide, on the left side of your YouTube page.

Unsubscribe from a paid channel

If you decide to unsubscribe, click the Unsubscribe btn on the channel page or the Subscription Manager – it works just like a normal YouTube channel.

  • If your subscription includes access to multiple channels, you can remove any included channel from your Guide without canceling your subscription to the other channels. Your subscription payment will continue until you unsubscribe from the channel you originally purchased.
  • If you’re paying for a single channel, unsubscribing will cancel your subscription payment. Learn more about how tocancel a subscription payment.

You can always check the status of your paid channel subscriptions by visiting

Watching paid channels on devices

Countries where paid subscriptions are available

This paid channel is unavailable in your country.

Many paid videos and channels are only available to purchase in one or a few countries. If something is not available for purchase in your country, you can still find it on the site, read its description, and watch any free preview videos that are available. The channels available in your country may include videos that are not in your native language. Check the channel description for more information.

Most paid channels include a free trial period, so you can preview the videos before you pay.

You can watch any paid channel you’re subscribed to from the same country that you purchased it in. If you leave that country you may not be able to watch any of the videos in that channel.

Age appropriateness

You must be 18 years or older to purchase content from YouTube.

You can find more information about the nature of the videos in a channel by visiting the About tab on the channel page. Review the channel or video description, and screen the videos before watching with children. Some videos include a rating of their age appropriateness in the information on the video page.

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Note: The accepted formula that Auxiliary Mode Inc. uses to calculate the CPM range is $0.45 USD - $25.00 USD.

The range fluctuates this much because many factors come into play when calculating a CPM. Quality of traffic, source country, niche type of video, price of specific ads, adblock, the actual click rate, watch time and etc.

Cost per thousand (CPM) is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. If a website publisher charges $2.00CPM, that means an advertiser must pay $2.00 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad. The "M" in CPM represents the Roman numeral for 1,000.

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