Connecting or revoking third-party applications – Twitter

Definition: A third-party application is a product developed apart from or Twitter’s official mobile apps, and that is used to access Tweets and other Twitter data. Seesmic, Hootsuite, and Twitter’s Facebook application are all third-party apps.

How to connect to a third-party application:

  1. On the website of the application you want to connect, find the btn/link asking you to connect your Twitter account (usually “Connect to Twitter” or something similar).
  2. You’ll be routed to a Twitter website asking you to log in to your account. Check that it’s secure by verifying the URL starts with
  3. After logging in, Twitter will ask you to approve the application.
  4. Be sure to review the various permissions you are granting to the application. These are listed in green (what the app can do with your account) and red (what the app can’t do).
  5. Click Authorize app if you’d like to connect.
  6. You’re now connected! Review your authorized applications to remove/revoke access anytime.

How to revoke access or remove an application:

  1. Review the applications you’ve connected in the Apps tab of your account settings.
  2. Click the Revoke Access btn next to the application.

If an application asks for your password to access your account:

Please be cautious about giving out your password, as a recipient can gain full access to your account. If you are unsure about an application, revoke its access on the Apps tab of your account settings page and change your password. However, some applications may need your username and password to function.

Apps that may safely require your username and password:

  • Applications you install in order to Tweet from your computer desktop.
  • Applications you install in order to Tweet from your mobile phone.

Apps to which you should never provide your username and password:

  • Websites claiming to help you “get more followers fast!” (see Follow Limits and Best Practices for more information).
  • Applications which post affiliate ads to your timeline.

If you suspect a bad application is still connected to your account:

Immediately change your password. If you are experiencing problems with an application, please read the compromised accounts help page for more information.

If you’re having issues with a third-party application:

Because third-party apps are not owned and operated by Twitter, we’re not able to troubleshoot for them very well. It’s best to reach out to the application itself for answers to your questions or to let them know about a problem you’re having with their product.

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