Streaming Music Royalties

Streaming music royalties reporting automation tool for concise reporting by label, artist and track. Creating significant efficiencies for accounting departments, bookkeepers and record labels.

Plans and Pricing

Streaming Music Royalties Provides

  • Royalties Reporting by Region.

  • Royalties Reporting by Track (ISRC).

  • Royalties Reporting by Album (UPC).

  • Royalties Reporting by Record Labels.

  • Royalties Reporting Revenue Splits.

  • Service professional to rereview your streaming royalty policies.

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Streaming Music Royalties

We have developed a streaming royalties automation process that is fully automated.

Streaming platform royalties, rights & calculations are all automated. Label revenue automation by track, album by region and by top ten are automated. Revenue split calculations available by label, by track and / or album by region and worldwide.

This process decreases all operational tasks needed between labels and artists.

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