Tubi to Expand Spanish and Bollywood Content, While U.K. Launch Up Next

By: Naman Ramachandran

Ad-supported streaming service Tubi is set to expand its Spanish language content when it launches in the fall, chief content officer Adam Lewinson revealed while delivering a keynote at the Cannes Virtual Market on Wednesday.

The service is also gearing for an imminent U.K. launch and is looking at significantly increasing its Bollywood content portfolio due to strong demand in the U.S. and potential demand in the U.K., a market that has been traditionally strong for Indian cinema.

On Monday, Tubi announced a dedicated Spanish-version language of the service — Tubi en Español — that will bow later this year in the U.S. “In the States we have a very large Spanish-language population, and part of our mission at Tubi is to super-serve underserved audiences,” Lewinson said. “We do have a quite large library of Spanish-language content. It can be even larger. There’s things we could be doing in our app from a design standpoint to really super-serve that viewer. That’s something we’re working on now, and we’ll be launching later this fall.”…read more.

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