Importing videos to Vine

Vine camera allows you to upload preexisting videos on your iOS or Android device to Vine. Using the import tool you are able to crop, trim, and combine multiple videos.

How to import a video to Vine on iOS:

  1. Tap .
  2. Select Import . This will expand the bottom half of your screen to reveal your device’s videos.
  3. Select the video that you would like to import and then tap the right arrow  to confirm.
  4. Determine which section of the clip you would like to import. Do this by swiping left or right on the trim bar and selecting where you would like the clip to begin.
  5. Additionally, you can crop your clip by sliding the thick white line located on the trim bar.
  6. Tap Add when you are done.
  7. If your selected clip is less than 6 seconds you will have the opportunity to add another clip from your camera roll, record additional footage, or post as is.

Can I combine multiple video clips from my device in one Vine post?

Yes! You can add as many as you’d like as long as it fits the six second maximum. Once you import a video we’ll show you how much time you have left after you tap Add (the green bar at the top indicated how much time you have used). If you still have time, you can tap on the Import icon  to add another clip from your device or capture original footage to add to your import!

Using the Vine camera toolbox:

  1. Tap the wrench icon  on the capture screen to access your toolbox.
  2. Use the grid icon  to place a 3×3 grid on your screen.
  3. Tap the grid icon  twice to reveal the Level tool to help you balance your Vine.
  4. Press the focus icon  to concentrate the focus of your Vine in the background or foreground.
  5. The ghost icon  will track the last frame of your most recent clip so that you can match it up with your next clip.
  6. Use the torch icon  to turn on your camera’s flash to help you film in low light situations.

Can I preview my video before uploading?

Yes! There are two ways to preview your Vine before uploading.

If you tap undo  on the capture screen, the last clip you recorded will play for you. Tapping this btn twice will delete your most recent clip.

You can also preview your Vine by proceeding to the preview screen. Press the arrow  at the top right of your screen and there will be a preview that you edit and watch before you upload.

What editing tools are available on the preview screen?

If you press the scissor btn on the preview screen, this will take you to the edit screen. From there, you’ll see a duplication btn and a mute option. The mute option will silence audio on a selected clip. The duplication btn allows you to copy clips to play more than once.

Selecting a clip here will also allow you to trim the edits for more precise shots.

What are the minimum system requirements for using the import feature on Vine?

Vine video import is supported by iOS 6 or later and Android 4.x devices.

I don’t see any videos when tapping the import icon on iOS.

Make sure that Vine has access to your photos. To do this:

  1. Open your device’s settings.
  2. Tap on Privacy.
  3. Tap on Photos.
  4. Make sure Vine is turned on.

Can I save my progress?

You can save your progress by saving your video as a draft. You can do this by tapping on the floppy disk icon and then selecting Save for later on the preview screen. You can access your drafts later by tapping the draft icon  located on the capture screen.

What types of video files can be imported to Vine?

iOS: You can import H.264 .mp4 files or .mov files.

Android: You can import H.264, .mp4 or VP8.webm files.

Can I edit a video once it has been uploaded?

No, you are unable to make edits to the content or the video’s title once it has been uploaded.

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