Channel Trailer

Channel Trailer

The channel trailer is available to channels with the channel browse view enabled.

To edit your channel trailer, visit your own channel. You will see a section for new visitors. From here, you can click on Channel trailer” to choose your upload by thumbnail or by entering your video’s URL.

Channel trailer

If you don’t see that section, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the section with your channel name and click on the pencil that appears on the right hand side
  2. Click edit channel navigation
  3. Enable the Browse view and then click Save

You can always change or remove your channel trailer by clicking on the pencil icon edit.

When creating your channel trailer, keep in mind a few important tips:

  • assume the viewer has never heard of you
  • keep it short
  • hook your viewers in the first few seconds
  • show, don’t tell
  • ask viewers to subscribe in your video and with annotations

Only unsubscribed visitors will see your channel trailer. If the viewer is already subscribed to your channel, they will not see the channel trailer but a video under the heading ‘What to Watch Next’.

You can identify a featured video or featured playlist to appear under “What to Watch Next.” Your selection will always be surfaced to the user unless the user has already watched this content, in which case, we will feature another video from your channel that the user has not yet watched. You can control what the viewer will see if they have already seen the featured content by selecting a default setting. The default setting can either be your most recent upload that the viewer has not already seen or your most recent activity (liked video, playlist addition etc.) that the viewer has not seen.

Note that this selection will apply as your featured content and will also appear across your uploads.

By default, ads will never appear when the trailer is playing on the channel page in the trailer spot unless the selected video contains 3rd party claimed content. The reason for not showing ads in this spot is that it would distract the user from learning about your channel and subscribing which is the purpose of the placement.

Find out more about how to produce a captivating channel trailer that hooks your viewers and turns them into subscribers.

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