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Get Started with the Creator Studio App

YouTube Creator Studio App basics

Manage your YouTube channel on the go with the YouTube Creator Studio app. You can check out your latest stats, respond to comments, get customized notifications, and more.

Get the app

  • Android:Download the Creator Studio app for Android from Google Play on devices running Android 4.1 and later.
  • iOS …

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Credits on your videos

Credits provide you with the ability to tag the collaborators of your videos and link to each collaborator’s channel from your video watch page. Highlight your video stars, writers or other collaborators. Give credit to your video editors or the musician who composed your score!

Credits are currently available …

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YouTube Capture

Get started with YouTube Capture YouTube Capture is an app that helps you make beautiful movies on the go by letting you quickly record, edit, upload, and share. Learn more about YouTube Capture. Availability and requirements

YouTube Capture is available in the App Store, for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad Mini with iOS 6+.

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Fix upload problems

Common uploading errors

This troubleshooter will walk you through some of the most common errors that you might see on YouTube, and how to fix it.

Audio/Video problems

If you’re having problems with your audio or video, making some changes to your video will usually solve the issue.

Audio and video are …

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Upload instructions and settings

Upload videos

You can upload videos to YouTube in a few easy steps. Below you can find the necessary instructions to upload your videos from a computer or from a mobile device.


To get started uploading videos on YouTube from your desktop, follow the steps below:

  • Sign into YouTube.
  • Click the Upload btn at …

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  • Upload videos

    Upload instructions and settings Fix upload problems YouTube Capture

    Creator Policies

    Appeal the age restriction on your video

    Our Community Guidelines describe what content is allowed and not allowed on YouTube. They are the rules of the road and every video must adhere to them. When videos violate these guidelines, we remove them. Some videos don’t violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all …

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    YouTube live troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Tips *Checkout our Known Issues info

    • Product forum

      Often, issues can be resolved by posting in the products forums. Other users and Google Guides participate in these forums and answer questions.

      Go to the YouTube Live help forum

    • Report a bug

      To report a bug, please follow these steps:

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    YouTube Live Features

    Create highlight clips Watch the video demo

  • Create your Event and start streaming with the sync to preview feature enabled. Note: Archive recording does not need to be enabled in order to create highlights.
  • Using the Preview Player timeline, mark the in and out points using the Create Highlight Set Start and Set End …

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  • YouTube Live Stream Setup

    Introduction to live events

    Welcome to the guide for live events on YouTube!

    If your channel is verified and in good standing, you can enable live events from your Account Features page.

    Once your channel is enabled for live events, you’ll see a “Live Events” option in your Video Manager.

    Create a live event Watch …

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    See your potential revenue

    Estimated YouTube Revenue Calculator

    $0.45 USD - $4.00 USD

    YouTube Views to Money Calculator