Changing your country settings – Twitter

What if Twitter has misidentified my country?

If we have incorrectly identified your country, here’s how to correct it:

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
  2. Visit your Account settings.
  3. Select the correct country from the drop-down. If your country is not available, please select Worldwide.
  4. Click Save.

Unlike most other account settings, Twitter does not store the country setting in association with your account; instead, a browser cookie stores and updates the country. Therefore, changes to your country setting won’t save across browsers or computers.

How does Twitter set my country?

When you access Twitter, your browser passes along an IP address with the request, which may be, for example, the IP of your computer, your office, or your Internet Service Provider (ISP). We use that IP address to select the initial Country setting for that browser.

What is the difference between my profile location and my country setting?

Your profile location is part of your public account profile and is completely optional.

The country setting is stored only in your browser, and may affect the content we are able to display.

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