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Manage multiple channels

Managing YouTube channels

A YouTube channel can be connected to a Google+ profile or Google+ page.

A Google+ profile is specific to just one Google Account. So a YouTube channel connected to a Google+ profile is only accessible from one account.

A Google+ page can be managed by multiple Google Accounts. Any manager …

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Connect to Google+

Connect to a Google+ profile You can change your YouTube username to the name that you use on the rest of Google.

  • To start the process, go to your account settings and click Connect channel with Google+ below your email address.
  • YouTube will let you know what content will be associated with your name—how many …

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  • Fix a problem

    Connected to wrong Google+ profile or page If you just want change the name on your channel, you can edit the name on Google+.

    If your YouTube channel is connected to the wrong Google+ page or profile, don’t worry. Here’s how to move your channel to a different page or profile:

  • Sign in to the …

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  • Overview

    Your channel and Google+

    Over the past year, we’ve been encouraging people on YouTube to connect your YouTube channel with a Google+ profile or page to access new features. Most active YouTube channels are already connected to Google+.

    What happens when I connect my channel to Google+?

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