Connect to Google+

Connect to a Google+ profile

You can change your YouTube username to the name that you use on the rest of Google.
  1. To start the process, go to your account settings and click Connect channel with Google+ below your email address.
  2. YouTube will let you know what content will be associated with your name—how many videos, playlists, comments, likes, and subscriptions. You can click Review my content to look through all of it step-by-step and decide if you want to hide or delete anything that you don’t want to associate with your name.
    Note: You can choose later to make your videos, playlists, likes, and subscriptions public, but deleted comments can’t be recovered.
  3. Once you’re done reviewing your content, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to start using your full name with your YouTube Channel. Click Update my name and that’s it! You’re now using the same name on YouTube and the rest of Google.
Note that it may take some time for the changes to update throughout the site.

Connect to a Google+ page

We’re bringing Google identities to YouTube. You can now connect your YouTube channel to a Google+ page—one that can use a business or other name. You can start the process by going to your advanced account settings and clickingConnect with a Google+ page. You’ll be presented with a few options:

The option you choose will become the new name for your YouTube channel.

  • Your Google+ pages, If you have any
    If you already have any Google+ pages, you’ll see them listed here. If you choose one of these, your YouTube channel will be renamed to match the page. If the Google+ page has any other managers, they will be able to manage the channel as well.

    I have a Google+ page, but it doesn’t show in the list! This means that your YouTube channel’s Google Account is not a manager of that Google+ page. You’ll need to add your Google Account as a manager of the page.

  • Your current YouTube username. This will set up a new Google+ page for your channel with the same name. Your YouTube name won’t change.
  • “Choose a better name” lets you enter a new name. This will set up a new Google+ page for your channel with that name. There are no name restrictions—get the name you always wanted!
  • If you have a Google+ profile, the last option will let you connect your channel with your Google+ profile instead of a page. If you’re not sure, learn more about whether to choose a profile or a page.

Once you’ve chosen a page option, click Next and that’s it – your YouTube channel is now connected to your Google+ page.

Note: There is no public link between your new page and personal Google+ profile (if you have one). People who view your YouTube channel or Google+ page will not find any connection to your personal profile or name, unless you publicly link them yourself.

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