Support KB Category: Managing Your Password

How do I change the password for the email address I use to log into Facebook?

You can help keep your Facebook account safe by creating a different password for each of the accounts you use online.

You can usually change the password you use to log into your email account (ex: your Gmail password) in the settings section of your account.

What is the minimum password strength and how can I make my password strong?

When you create a new password, make sure that it’s at least 6 characters long. Try to use a complex combination of numbers, letters and punctuation marks.

If you see a message letting you know the password you entered isn’t strong enough, try mixing together uppercase and lowercase letters or making the password …

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How do I change my password?

If you’re logged into your Facebook account, you can change your password from your settings. From there:

  • Click Password
  • Type your current and new password
  • Click Save Changes

    How do I reset my password?

    If you can’t log into Facebook and need to reset your password:

  • Go to the Facebook login screen at
  • In the top right, click Forgot your password?
  • Type the email, phone number, full name or username associated with your account, then click Search and follow the on-screen instructions
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