YouTube Shorts Calculator Yearly Revenue

How much does YouTube pay for 100k views on YouTube Shorts?

0 500 M

How YouTube Shorts works:

  1. A portion of all YouTube Shorts revenue goes to the creator pool, which is calculated based on views and music usage across all YouTube Shorts.
  2. Next, YouTube pays music publishers based on how often their intellectual property is used within YouTube Shorts.
    1. For example, if a creator uses two music tracks in a Short, 66% of revenue goes to music publishers while 33% goes to the YouTube Shorts creator.
    2. If a creator uses one music track in a YouTube Short, revenue is split 50/50 between them and music publishers.
    3. If a creator uses no music tracks, they keep all revenue from their share of the creator pool.
  3. Overall, monetizing YouTube creators keep 45% of their revenue share from the creator pool (after deductions are made for music usage).

If you are a creator looking to monetize your YouTube Shorts your earnings are based on the number of views you get, your geographical location, and how many music tracks you use.


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