How to Be A Successful Brand on YouTube

How to be a Successful Brand on YouTubeYoutubePlaybookBrands
By: Ryan Prussky


For the past ten years, YouTube has been the premier host for visual content and now ultimately is one of the most valuable marketing tools on the internet. Successful brands have been utilizing the many number of marketing techniques YouTube has available. The power of YouTube is only attainable through numbers. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, which adds up to thirty-three percent of online activity spent watching videos on YouTube. seventy -five percent of those people end up visiting a marketing site only after being exposed to the ad during the video. Just under sixty-five percent of people are significantly more likely to purchase a product after going on YouTube. These statistics are hard to refute, illustrating how influential YouTube has become as a marketing tool.

YouTube has changed a lot since its first introduction in February of 2005, specifically by adding hundreds of new ways to monetize your content/brand all within this one platform. Four of those techniques are the most commonly used and yield the highest results. The first would be to create video content yourself. While creating viral content is not as easy as you may think, it is a great way of increasing exposure to a new brand. Everyone is creating content and trying to go viral, so you will have some misses, but many brands have succeeded in cashing in from a viral campaign. It is important to remember a list of tips to help you create the best content possible. The first is to keep everything short and simple. This works for a few reasons, people have short attention spans, and people like to click, watch, share, and move on in a rapid motion. Meaning the shorter, the more shareable, under two minutes is the ideal length. It is important you make your videos unique so they stand out from all the other content that is available on the same platform. Having timely videos makes it more likely for an unexpected consumer to click on your content.

The most important thing for any YouTuber is to build an engaged audience, which can be difficult for a small, not fully developed brand. However, there are a few ways to try and gain that following. Creating content specifically for your users is key. A lot of people who are first getting started with YouTube believe that a huge number of views on one video is all you need. In reality it is crucial that you find out what it is your audience likes and continue to create content that would get those viewers coming back periodically. Now that you’ve hooked your audience with the content they are interested in, it is important to consistently be producing content. While big brands are able to produce high quality videos, few of them have the consistency required to maintain a dedicated following, this is where you can get the upper hand. Much like any social media platform, it is essential you keep your community engaged otherwise they may no longer see a need in continuing to follow you. Oddly enough, consumers respond more positively to familiarity, rather than new content. This means that keeping consistent characters and themes in each video will please your subscribers.

Once you have created content and gained your following, you can try giving advertising a shot. Ads on YouTube are usually cheaper than most other online platforms and allow for sophisticated targeting. Finally, you can choose to get brand placements with YouTube sensations. This is useful because you can spread your influence across a variety of channels without having to work extremely hard. Now that you are informed with some of the popular options of branding yourself through YouTube, you can begin to discover which strategy works for you.


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