The Rise of Social Media


The Rise Of Social Media

By Michael Johnston

In the past decade we have seen a rise in the success of a number of social media platforms, which not only allow us to connect with people we never thought imaginable, but give businesses the opportunity to engage with their clients like never before.

A study by Pew Internet, projects that research related to social networking shows that as of 2014, 75% of the online adult population is using social media websites. That number has been rising every year and has even made a leap from last year. Almost 42% of the world’s population has access to the Internet, which is a significant change from last year at 35%, that’s nearly three billion people.  

With such a large following on each platform it is much easier to make money than one would think.

In order to be successful while using any social media platform one must follow the proper steps, know what they and their client base wants, and research your market in an organized way. It is natural to be afraid of the unknown or to have a lack of understanding in terms of why social media platforms are great for your company. However, the process of being discovered, engaged and trusted is not only crucial to achieve real business results, but also important to stay abreast. The reality is, the amount of users on social media will only expand, 88% of North Americans are on the Internet while much less households in India and China are. The CEO of Aux Mode, Adam Rumanek, was quoted saying, “Once the Internet expands more globally the amount of social media and usage, as well as the Internet data traffic will sky rocket. We have not even seen the peak of social media yet.” This means the only good time to start pushing your content on these social media sites is sooner rather than later, otherwise you will have much more competition and longer run times bring your content to market.

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