FOX Streaming Service Tubi Announces New Partnership Designed To Allow Advertisers To Target Specific Consumers

By: Anne Easton

As the number of streaming services increases, their approach to reaching specific consumers within the audience is evolving.

Today, FOX Entertainment’s streaming service Tubi, an ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service, announced that they are “the first CTV publisher to implement Unified ID 2.0 to solve for the future of identity.”

Unified ID 2.0, as FOX says in a release, is “the new industry-wide approach to internet identity that preserves the value of relevant advertising across digital ecosystems. An upgraded alternative to third-party cookies that serves as a connective tissue in cookie-less environments, such as CTV apps, Unified ID 2.0 represents an ID solution that is interoperable and aims to address consumers’ desire for more transparency and control.”… read more.

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