Twitter and Facebook and the 21st Century

Twitter And Facebook and the 21st Centurysocial-media-habits
by Michael Johnston


The 21st Century is a fast paced, information packed super highway that is undoubtedly only going to become bigger. Creations such as Twitter and Facebook have allowed the world to connect in ways not imaginable back in 2004, when Facebook was unveiled. Even at that time, not everyone knew about it, but through word of mouth and private invites the social media epidemic was born.

Facebook is another social networking site used to meet specific business goals in strategic ways while connecting people worldwide on a personal level. You can use Facebook for research purposes, promotions of events, to drive traffic to your website, have people talking about your brand and products and to actually engage with you. For a very long time Facebook was ad free, but that has changed in the past few years and now you can create an ad and pay Facebook to target a specific demographic, as Facebook knows all your information and what ad best suites who. Even though you pay for this service, it ultimately drives consumers to you website, increases likes on your page and encourages people to talk about your products or brands which drives engagement. Being able to create pages, specifically for your business, draws a lot more attention as well as being able to post all the content you wanted on your page.

Twitter on the other hand, is a great way to follow up your Facebook page by using it as a marketing tool to focus and be succinct about your brand. Communication is short, fast and in real time, so it allows you to have an open dialogue online. A twitter feed can be pulled through your website to show consumers you have up-to-date relevant material which shows that you are still doing well and still in business or practice. Twitter, through business, is used to not only showcase your expertise, but also used to generate leads in a very concise way. Remember, that a mix of content is useful to connect with a larger audience and gives people the opportunity to re-tweet interesting tweets you post. By Tweeting one thing that is seen by a large group of people can lead to thousands of followers who will see every little thing you write about your company. Mixes of both professional and humorous tweets are useful in connecting their content to a larger audience through re-tweets and favorites. ”Content is king and undoubtedly Twitter is content rich.”- Adam Rumanek, CEO of Aux Mode.


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