Promote your channel with the YouTube fan finder

Promote your channel with the YouTube fan finder

As a YouTube content creator, one of your main goals is to grow your audience—but that can be tough. Competition is fierce, and advertising your channel is pricey.

Recently, YouTube rolled out a great new audience growth tool called the Fan Finder, which lets you create free TrueView InStream ads to attract new fans to your channel. Once you create the ads, YouTube targets them specifically at viewers who are likely to enjoy your content. Even better, YouTube funds the ads 100%, so you don’t have to dish out any money of your own!

Let’s take a look at how the YouTube Fan Finder works.


The ads that you create via Fan Finder will be run as TrueView ads—which let a viewer skip over them after five seconds if they’re not interested. With that in mind, make sure your ad captures your target audience’s attention before they have a chance to skip it!

Here’s a good example of an ad that captures the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds:

After you submit your ad(s), it may take YouTube several weeks to approve them, queue them, and start serving them to a targeted set of viewers.Once you’ve finished your channel ad, upload it to your YouTube channel as either a public or an unlisted video.

  • Head over to the Fan Finder page and select the video you wish to use for your ad.
  • After saving, YouTube will review the video and your channel is ensure that it complies with YouTube’s Community Guidelines and is free of any third-party claims.
  • Repeat if you like! You can submit up to five ads per channel.


Depending on your channel’s content, your ad may reach a wide range of viewers or just a small group. If you’d like to see how your ads are performing, you can keep track of their performance by checking your ad’s Traffic Sources report within YouTube Analytics.

For more information about YouTube’s Fan Finder program, and to read the FAQs, check out this article. Good luck! Read more here

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