YouTube Video Sharing & Marketing: Part 2 of 3


YouTube Video Sharing & Marketing: Part 2 of 3

Hello again, this blog is Part 2 of 3: YouTube Video Sharing & Marketing.  In Part 1 of 3 we discussed the importance of informative YouTube videos and marketing your business. Today we will discuss the importance of Educational videos on YouTube. Simply, an educational video usually tells you “how-to” do something. For example, pre-purchase you can learn how to decide which model is best for you, how to build, bake, install, use, assemble or return a product post-purchase. In Part 1 0f 3, we discussed informational videos and purchasing a car. Let’s go back to the car example for Educational Videos on YouTube. Let’s say you purchase a car and remember that the car company had 100s of informational videos. Perhaps the company also has: How-to and step-by-step educational videos? Yes, they do! You want to know how to change oil? How to change the time in the car? Step-by- step on how to change a tire? No problem. YouTube videos are available to show you how-to do just about anything. These types of videos are perfect for you to have product placement, your website link at the bottom of the video or subtle hints to remind customers and viewers that you are an informative, helpful, educational business and most likely will be able to help the customer with their needs and wants in the future.  Stay tuned for our next blog: Part 3of3: YouTube Video Sharing & Marketing your Business.



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