YouTube: Annotating & Linking Videos

service_1YouTube: Annotating & Linking Videos

What is an annotation you ask? An annotation is a comment, explanation, a note added to a text box, an image or video. For instance, a speech bubble in a cartoon strip in an annotation on top of the cartoon—an overlay or pop-up comment. In regards to YouTube, an annotation could be a pop up bubble containing a link to another YouTube video—however, this is not an opportunity to link to your website, annotations can only bring your audience to another video on YouTube. Annotations are wonderful additions to your YouTube videos to make them more and more interactive and add useful information. So, what are the multiple uses for annotations? Great question! First, if you have an educational video, you can add each step in an annotation, to make it easier for the viewer to remember and/or write it down. You can also use annotations to link to the next videos or similar interest videos on your YouTube channel. That’s just the beginning. Get creative! You can use the annotations to display contact information, phone number and even though you can’t link your URL, you can still display it for viewers to write down and save for later. In addition, annotations can be different colours and background colours and you can also enter the precise timing for an annotation to be placed in your video. In sum, it’s easy to add annotations and you are able to display more information to interact with your viewers.


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