Top Three Benefits of Youtube

Top Three Benefits of Youtubeyoutube-new-flat-logo-4

YouTube has dozens of benefits for businesses, including these top three (in no specific order), which we consider to be the most significant.

First, YouTube drives traffic to your website. The content you are creating is original and creative and when viewers search for anything related to your business—they find your video and on your video you have a clickable link to both your website and another video you have created.  As well, you need a call-to-action to close the loop and begin to have a meaningful relationship with your viewer. “Call–to-action”, means, asking viewers to sign up for a newsletter, subscribe, learn more on your blog, check out your contest and visit your website.  

Second, YouTube is a popular place for socializing, sharing and starting conversations, not only for fans but also for content creators. Every video you post is another opportunity for a viewer to like it, subscribe to it, forward it to another fan, embed it in their blog and provide you with a positive endorsement. Of course, all it takes is getting one positive endorsement, which you are able to respond to, and others will begin to bond with your brand and the chances of you being found increase.

Third, YouTube videos generate sales in the long run. It is probably best to begin with the soft sell and later the hard sell because you first need to build trust with your viewers. In other words, do not tell people to buy your product or service directly; instead, offer them advice, teach them, converse with them, respond to comments, answer questions in a professional, honest manner and this will lead to the hard sell in the end. Ultimately, your sales success will be the result of your interaction, creativity and proper planning.


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