The Best Branded Content of May

The Best Branded Content of May

Last week, something amazing happened: A thought leader for an investment firm unveiled a 197-slide presentation, and business and tech pubs covered it like Steve Jobs had just been discovered in Nicaragua putting Tupac through an intensive accelerator program.

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for KPCB represents the absolute height of branded content marketing—a piece of thought leadership that every trade mag has to cover. (We sure did.) Happy that your latest article hit 1,000 shares? Ha. Mary Meeker got Wired to declare her the queen of the Internet.

This was Mary Meeker’s 21st annual report, and she shows no sign of slowing down. In the world of content marketing, she’s Michael Jordan ziplocked in an endless prime. The rest of us can never hope to emulate her success; at best, we can hope to emulate aspects of her game. Publish forward-thinking, insightful content. Do it big. Do it consistently.

Though it might have felt like it for a hot second, Mary Meeker didn’t produce the only piece of content marketing worth taking note of in May. A number of brands made us stand up and take notice of their impressive work. Let’s dive in.

(Props to Dillon Baker and Julia Schur for helping with research for this month’s roundup.)

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