The Age Of Consumers

The Age Of Consumerscollaborate-social-network

by Adam Rumanek


We are in the age of consumers and this will most likely intensify in the next few years. Consumers have a say, demand a response, can possibly make or break a brand and have the ability to compare services and products in one search.

In other words, consumers ultimately sell your services and products for you if you develop a dialogue and honest relationship. Keeping this in mind, you need to begin your customer research. Find out what attracts people to certain videos, products and services, figure out what is working and what is failing.  Plan discussion groups, get insight from staff members, develop a survey, and ask current customers and potential customers for their feedback and suggestions to improve.

When it comes to social media, you need to first have a business goal and build a proper strategy. You need to begin your campaign with a purpose but this purpose will differ from company to company. Ask yourself what motivates your customers to find you, make a purchase or hire you for your services and remember that one of your primary goals is to drive traffic to your website.

What else? Social media is about creating dialogue and building trust with your customers and potential customers. You not only want new customers but you also want to keep your loyal customers engaged and working for you. Word of mouth is very powerful and your loyal customers can help you build what you have started.


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