I need help with a third-party app

When experiencing an issue with a third-party Twitter app:

  1. Did the app stop working?
    • Before reaching out to the app’s developers, try updating to the latest version of the app. If the latest version of the app isn’t running on Twitter API v1.1, updating the app won’t be sufficient — if the app’s developers have chosen not to update their app to run on v1.1, the app will no longer work.
    • If you’re using an app that no longer works, we recommend using an official Twitter client on your mobile device, or using another up-to-date 3rd-party app of your choosing.
  2. Check to see if your account seems normal on Twitter.com.
    • If your account works normally on twitter.com, your problem is likely with the third-party application you are using. Please contact the app directly for assistance; our support team can only help with official Twitter apps.
    • If there’s a problem with your Twitter account, consult our troubleshooting pages for help.
  3. Read your app’s help and troubleshooting information.
    • Popular third-party apps often have help information on their websites. A few are listed below. Google yours to find their official webpage.

Help pages for the most widely used third-party Twitter apps:

  • Tweetbot: http://tapbots.com/support/tweetbot/
  • Hootsuite: http://hootsuite.com/help
  • Echofon: http://www.echofon.com/support/
  • UberSocial: http://support.ubersocial.com/home
  • Bubbletweet: http://www.bubbletweet.com/faqs.php

Don’t see your application on this list? Google it!

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