Why am I missing from search?

Are you not seeing your account or some of your Tweets in Twitter search? This article will help you understand why.

My Tweets and hashtags don’t appear in search

While we may not show every Tweet in search results, here are a few reasons you may not be seeing yours:

  • Are you viewing only Top results? Try selecting Live (or All Tweets if you’re on a mobile device) at the top of the search results page, which will show you more Tweets for that search query.
  • Are your Tweets protected? If so, only approved followers can see your protected Tweets in search results.
  • Have you confirmed your email address? Make sure you have completed your account set-up and that you have a confirmed email address associated with it.

My account doesn’t appear in Twitter account search

If your account does not appear in Accounts (or People if you’re using a mobile device) search results, check the following:

  • Are your name and bio filled in? Twitter Accounts search surfaces results with preference to those users who have a complete name, username, and bio on their profile. Please note that it may take a few days for changes to your profile information to be reflected in search.
  • Are you using Twitter actively? It’s important to Tweet, Retweet, and mention regularly to gain resonance amongst your followers so that search results are up to date for your account.


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