Measuring brand impact and privacy controls – Twitter

How we measure the quality of Tweets from brands

We measure the performance of brands’ Tweets (both Promoted and organic) to help them provide high-quality ads and content that is more interesting to you. We may work with ad partners to help measure this impact based on information they have about in-store sales. We hope that this helps increase the usefulness of brands’ Tweets for you.

Let’s say a food brand would like to know how its Tweets impact sales of its ice cream in stores. We’ve designed a process to measure this offline sales impact while protecting user privacy. Here’s how it works:

Our measurement partner sends us a list of unreadable scrambled (hashed) email addresses and corresponding ID numbers that we then match to hashes of email addresses that our users have associated with their Twitter accounts. When there’s a match, we share with our partner only the matched ID number and information about activity on Twitter, like views of and clicks on the food brand’s Tweets. Then our partner can measure offline sales impact by comparing the ice cream purchases of users shown the brand’s content on Twitter with those who were not. Our partner includes the aggregated, anonymous results of its analysis in a report for the brand.

Measurement with privacy in mind

We have taken extra steps to respect privacy in our measurement process, including hiring a top-tier consulting firm to perform an independent review of the privacy practices of our first measurement partner, Datalogix. The firm confirmed that:

  • Datalogix never sends Twitter information about individual users’ purchases.
  • The reports that Datalogix creates for advertisers include only aggregated anonymous information.
  • The reports have minimum group sizes that are large enough that they do not reveal individual users’ purchases.
  • Datalogix segregates the information it receives from Twitter and does not incorporate it into its existing data sets about individual users.
  • When users opt out of Datalogix services, Datalogix does not send the user’s hashed email address to Twitter.

It’s up to you

You have privacy options. If you don’t want Datalogix to send your hashed email address for ad measurement, you can opt out of Datalogix services on their site. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Choice section of the Datalogix privacy page. In the last sentence of that section, choose the click herelink that opts you out of Datalogix analytics products.
  2. A form will appear (see below), asking for your name, address, and email address. Once you’ve entered the requested information, click submit.

After processing your opt-out, Datalogix will no longer include your hashed email address in the list it sends Twitter. The Datalogix privacy page provides that opt-outs are processed within 30 days.

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