Instagram PR Guidelines

As you prepare to announce your Instagram campaign, please refer to the following guidelines to aid in creating press materials that reference Instagram. Once drafted, send your press release or blog post to and someone from the Instagram Communications team will respond to you with edits or final approval within five business days of receipt. You may not distribute or publish your news until you receive written approval from Instagram.

We hope you find these guidelines helpful as you draft your press materials and prepare to speak publicly about your program.

Thank you,

Instagram Communications

Instagram’s Mission

Capture and Share the World’s Moments—We’re here to make it easy for you to capture what’s happening in your world and share those moments instantly with friends and family, whether it’s your baby’s first steps or hanging out at the park, a local protest or your friend crossing the finish line. Instagram inspires us to explore and see the world differently—to go on adventures, to take detours, to take in everything around you and to share what you see with the world. To explore and tell your story.

Press Materials Policy & Guidelines

Press Release Requirements

Any reference to “Instagram” in the headline, subhead or lead must not reference Instagram as announcing the news with your company.

  • Incorrect: [Company] and Instagram today announced a new campaign
  • Correct: [Company] today announced a new campaign incorporating Instagram photos

The Instagram boilerplate and team contact information may not be used anywhere in the press release.

General Language Guidelines

Words not to be used regarding Instagram and your company:

  • Partner, partnership (unless under certain circumstances at Instagram’s discretion)
  • Strategic
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Exclusive

Words to use:

  • Photos
  • Community
  • Capture and share
  • Moments
  • Inspire / inspiration
  • Explore/ exploration
  • Storytelling
  • What’s happening now
  • Authenticity
  • Meaningful
  • Simple
  • Fun
  • Fast

Other guidelines:

  • Use “Instagrammers” or “Instagram community” or “Instagram members” instead of “users.”
  • Do not refer to your campaign as “the first-ever” or “the first in the industry.” We cannot verify which campaigns are first in the industry. Please instead use “among the first” or “one of the first” if it’s true.
  • If you are referring to specific Instagrammers, please attribute their proper Instagram username (ex: @madonna).

Style guide:

  • Refer to photos in an “Instagram feed” or the “photo/video feed”
  • “News Feed” is uppercase
  • “Photo Map” is uppercase
  • Filter names are always uppercase (ex: Amaro, Mayfair, Rise, etc.)
  • “Photos of You” is uppercase
  • “username” is one word
  • The letter M is uppercase in “InstaMeet”
  • “hashtag” is one word


Instagram will not supply a custom quote for your press release or blog post.

Approved Instagram Statistics

Instagram statistics are periodically updated. The latest can be found on the Instagram Press Center.

If your press release includes statistics outside of these approved Instagram statistics, please attribute the source.

Trademark Information

At the foot of the press release, please include the following trademark line: ‘Instagram is a trademark of Instagram, LLC in the United States and elsewhere.’ If your release includes Instagram’s Camera logos, use this line: ‘Instagram and the Camera logos are trademarks of Instagram, LLC in the United States and elsewhere.’

Press Outreach

You are responsible for distribution of your own press release or press materials. Instagram will not conduct press outreach on your behalf, but may (at our discretion) mention certain integrations in press interviews and Instagram blog posts. Instagram will respond to press inquiries on a case-by-case basis.


Please refer to the following resources for further information.

For more information on Multi Channel Network’s and Instagram Help please check back weekly or subscribe here.

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