YouTube Growth Rate Benchmark

Average YouTube Growth Rate

Each week and month we publish the average YouTube Growth Rate (GR) benchmark based on the hundreds of thousands of YouTube Channels from all around the world indexed by social status. Data comes from our analytics tool which enables performance tracking of the YouTube Channels.

The average Growth Rate on YouTube last week was:


3 Jun 2024 - 9 Jun 2024

The average Growth Rate on YouTube last month was:


May 2024

How has the YouTube Growth Rate changed over time?

This chart shows the historical monthly YouTube Growth Rate for the past year. As you can see, the monthly average is seldom static so its important to benchmark your performance on YouTube against the monthly average.

How to calculate Growth Rate on YouTube

Growth Rate is a simple calculation in the increase (or decrease) between two numbers. In this instance, the number of Subscribers of a YouTube Channel.

Since this is a monthly benchmark (and that most marketers benchmark monthly), the Monthly Growth Rate calculation is the difference between the Channel Subscribers on the first day of the month compared to the last day of the month:

Monthly Growth Rate = (Subscribers on last day of month – Subscribers on first day of month) divided by Subscribers on first day of month.

As an example, let’s say your YouTube Channel had 5,293 Subscribers on March 1 and 5,428 Subscribers on March 31. The Growth Rate for the month of March would be calculated as:

5,428 minus 5,293 = 135
135 divided by 5,293 = 0.02550
0.02550 multiplied by 100 = 2.55%

We multiply by 100 in order to get to a percentage. Growth Rate is usually expressed with 2 decimal places.

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